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Comparing insurance quotes is difficult, and finding the right insurance coverage, with the right policy and at the right price can sometimes seem impossible. At PolicyPals, we embrace this complexity and give you all the tools you need to find the most affordable insurance plans that fit your needs. Most importantly, we can connect you with trusted insurance brokers who will research and compile the best quotes within your budget.

PolicyPals believes in helping each consumer get the right home, car, health or life insurance with the right coverage, that fits their needs, in just a few clicks. Fill in your details and get access to a shortlist of top-rated insurance options within your budget.

Review the quotes, compare, and buy with confidence.

PolicyPals commits to helping consumers, not insurance companies. Our purpose is to help protect people and their assets simply, efficiently, and transparently.

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Get access to a large selection of insurance products that meet your needs: our partners and independent insurance brokers work for you, not the insurance companies, to get the best insurance coverage at the lowest price. Take advantage of insurance discounts and bundle opportunities to save on your monthly insurance costs.

Don’t overpay for your insurance, let us simplify the insurance shopping process for you and help you save you money by short-listing the best quotes and coverage that meet your unique insurance needs.

Let us know what you need, and we will do the work for you!

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Each consumer is in a unique situation, with different circumstances and priorities, yet all consumers are looking for the most affordable insurance plans that provide the right coverage with the right policy.

How to get insurance coverage at the best price, when insurance products are so complicated and difficult to compare?

There is an insurance policy for all situations and budgets, and we believe that offering actionable and personalized human-based advice is the right way to find it, rather than fitting consumer needs in a unique standardized policy. Tell us more about yourself and we will work hard to get the best life, car, home or health insurance plans for you, at the lowest cost.

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Insurance products are complex, and everybody agrees that it is difficult to evaluate and compare insurance plans.

You can easily end up spending hours doing your research and analyzing coverage options, insurance premiums and deductibles... or you can let us do the work for you!

PolicyPals simplifies insurance for everybody and makes it easy to compare insurance plans and coverage. Sign up with us to access more insurance options, receive unbiased purchasing advice, and review and compare personalized insurance plans, online or over the phone.

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