The Most Efficient Ways to Buy Car Insurance

Do you need car insurance but are not sure where to start? That is okay! There are a few different ways to buy a car insurance policy, depending on the support you need.

Danielle R.

Published November 10, 2020.

Whether online or with an agent, buying a car insurance policy is quite simple.

Key Takeaways

If You Are Still Shopping Around

Insurance broker

If you do not know what pricing structure or type of coverage you need, an insurance broker can get you the best options by price shopping for you. Brokers are independent agents that have no formal company affiliation. You can do an internet search for brokers in your area and get started right away. Still, it is important to be aware that these extra steps can make buying your insurance take longer. It’s not a great option for same-day needs.

Online comparison tool

An excellent alternative to a traditional broker is to go online and use price comparison tools. There are many websites that you can use to find the best options for you and compare quotes online. After you select your insurance company and policy, you can go to the insurer’s website and finish your purchase from the comfort of your own home. However, you will not have the same personalized customer service you would receive with an individual broker.

When using an online comparison website, check reviews and ratings and never use a site that you do not trust. Some recommended sites are NerdWalletThe Zebra, and Insurify.

If You Know What You Want

Sometimes you do not need to shop around. If you are familiar with car insurance or simply prefer a specific company, you can cut out the middleman and purchase directly with the insurer or a affiliated insurance agent.

Local agency

If you want personalized service or a physical office location, you can call a local captive agent to get a quote or a consultation. A captive agent is someone who works exclusively for one insurance company. This is a good option if you have a existing relationship with the local agent or are looking for extra help with the buying process. Companies like this are called agency models. Some popular choices are Farmers, State Farm, and Allstate. A simple search can tell you which agents are in your area.

Insurer’s website

If you do not want to talk with an agent or prefer to do business digitally, you still have options. Buying car insurance online has never been easier. It is often the most efficient way to purchase a policy. On the insurance company’s website, you can quickly fill out the form with your information. It will create a personalized car insurance policy for you on the spot with the option to pay online as well. Geico and Progressive are especially well-known for this fast and easy-to-use service. You can even be road-ready within a ew minutes of payment.

Whether online or with an agent, buying a car insurance policy is quite simple. Before you get started, have your information ready and start thinking about what type of and how much coverage you need.